Hancock Public Health

Getting Ready For a Flu Pandemic

Pandemic influenza is a global outbreak of a disease that occurs when a new influenza A virus appears in the human population, causes serious illness and then spreads easily from person to person worldwide.  You have most likely heard about the avian influenza cases overseas which many fear could mutate into the next pandemic flu.  Avian influenza is an infection caused by avian (bird) influenza viruses.  Since 2003, a growing number of human cases have been reported overseas, and more than half of the people infected have died.  These cases are all believed to have been caused by exposure to infected poultry.  The concern is that the virus will evolve into one that is capable of human to human transmission.

At this time, the Hancock County Board of Health is preparing for a possible flu pandemic.  What can you and your family do to prepare?  The "Getting Ready For a Flu Pandemic" brochure gives families guidance of what to do now.