Hancock County Engineer

Hancock County Landfill

The original Permit to Install was issued by the Ohio Department of Health to the Hancock County Board of Commissioners in 1969. This permit allowed the use of 30 acres for the purpose of landfilling at the present location on Allen Township Road 107. The landfill has continually expanded since its opening. In 1986, the environmental engineering firm, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. was hired to provide professional engineering services for the future development of the landfill. In 1994, the fourth Permit to Install was issued by the Ohio EPA to the Hancock County Commissioner's. This permit allowed vertical expansion of 45 acres over the old landfill and 50 acres of horizontal expansion to the west. This permit was issued in compliance with Federal Subtitle D regulations. Such items as ground water monitoring, explosive gas monitoring, site location demonstrations, liner installation, surface water drainage, lechate control, procedure for testing and operations were required by Subtitle D and they have all been implemented successfully. To satisfy the OEPA requirements, Steven C. Wilson P.E., P.S., Project Manager, Hancock County Engineer's Office, has been contracted by the commissioners to act as sanitary engineer for the landfill.

The Hancock County Sanitary Landfill is permitted as a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill facility. This means that the facility can accept municipal and industrial solid waste, but no infectious or hazardous waste materials. The average ground elevation is 795 feet and the current vertical expansion will rise to a final elevaton of 915 feet.

The landfill operates with two leachate pump stations, each equipped with two 100 gallon per minute pumps which are automatically controlled. The leachate is hauled off site, tested, and treated at the Findlay Water Pollution Control Facility. The landfill has three sedimentation ponds. These ponds collect surface water drainage, sediment settles to the bottom, and the water is then discharged into the Rocky Ford Creek watershed.

Methane gas and ground water are also monitored in the immediate area of the landfill. There are currently 55 methane gas monitoring wells which are tested monthly. There are also 26 ground water monitoring wells which are tested quarterly.

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Landfill Personnel

Landfill Manager - Steve Trutt

Assistant Manager - Don Moses 
Henry Hurst 
John VonStein
Jason Crow
Alan Gunhouse
Chris Decker
Cindy Kuhlman
Tom Glaser
Daniel Hickey

Third Party Environmental Consulting

Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.
Wesley M. Rhiel, P.E. Senior Project Engineer

BBC&M Engineering, Inc.
Stephen Pasternack, Ph.D., P.E. Vice President

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00am to 4:30pm
Saturday 7:00am to 11:30am