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Please click below for Hancock County's Conveyance Standards Governing Conveyance of Real Property:

Conveyance Standards

Property Transfer - UPDATED DTE 100 MANDATORY!


The Hancock County Auditor maintains the most comprehensive set of real estate records available in Hancock County. The Real Estate Division’s employees oversee the appraisal of more than 39,000 parcels and compile information for all residential commercial, industrial, agricultural and tax exempt properties in Hancock County. This division offers a wide array of information, including maps and ownership records, with two PC’s for public access. All real estate related inquiries should be directed to (419) 424-7015 or


Transfer and identification documents track the transfer of parcels and maintain the Auditor’s parcel numbering system for tax purposes. Under Ohio Law, all real estate transfer-related documents must be presented to the County Auditor before recording. The Real Estate division of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office processed 2,082 transfers during 2021 with a total sales of over $549 million. Transfers are accomplished in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Section 319.203.


  1. What forms must be submitted for transfer?
  1. As a minimum, the forms required for transfer are a Conveyance Form (DTE Form 100, "Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt" or a DTE Form 100(EX), "Statement of Reason for Exemption from Real Property Conveyance Fee") and a Notarized Deed. [For more information on completing these forms (DTE Form 100 & DTE Form 100(EX) please click here  for more information.] Additional supporting documentation is required for CAUV or Homestead Exemption.
  1. What are the fees for transfer?
  1. Typically, real estate transfers are subject to two types of fees at the Auditor’s Office: the Conveyance Fee and the Transfer Fee.

Conveyance Fee: The conveyance fee for Hancock County is $3.00 per thousand dollars conveyed (round to the nearest $ .10). For example, if the sale amount is $100,000, the conveyance fee would be determined by multiplying $100,000 by $.003 ($100,000 x .003 = $300). Make checks payable to the Hancock County Auditor. Certain property transfers are exempt from conveyance fees, click here  to learn more about Exemptions from Conveyance Fees.

 Transfer Fee: The transfer fee is $ .50 per parcel transferred. For example, if 3 parcels are transferred in a deed, $1.50 will be charged as a transfer fee. Make checks payable to the Hancock County Auditor. 

  1. Where is the Real Estate Division of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office located?
  1. The Real Estate Division is located in room 21 on the 2nd floor of the Hancock County Courthouse, 300 S. Main St., Findlay.


 Deeds: Must have accurate legal description. Legal description must include township or city/village, county, and state where the parcel is situated and parcel number.

Prior Deeds and New Surveys: Necessary only if the Legal Description involves more than a Lot Number (NOTE: New land surveys must be reviewed and approved by the Hancock County Auditor’s Real Estate Mapping section prior  to any transfer of surveyed property.) Legal description on the instrument for transfer should EXACTLY match legal description on Prior Deed or New Survey. Please proofread  before submitting to the Auditor’s Office.

Splits: Land surveys are generally required in order to accurately describe and transfer a newly split parcel. The Hancock County Regional Planning Commission or City Planning must approve the transfer before presenting to the Auditor’s Office, if the split creates a parcel containing 5.001 acres of land or less OR leaves a remainder of 5.001 acres or less. See previous paragraph for information about New Surveys.