Cribs For Kids

  • Have Participant fill out Cribs for Kids Program survey
  • Fill out Safe-Sleep questionnaire.
  • Have participants watch video Safe Sleep for your Baby- Right From the Start. (13 minutes long)
  • Cribs for Kids- Safe Sleep Educational Checklist-
    • How to set up the crib (emphasize locking crib.
    • No sofas, recliners, waterbeds, bean bags, air mattresses, soft mattresses.
    • How to place infant in crib (on their back)
      • Safe sleep For your baby Pamphlet
    • No pillows, soft toys, stuffed animals at foot of crib- tuck blanket under three sides, blanket not above nipple line of infant.
    • Adult beds can be dangerous- roll off, trapped, blankets, adults/child can roll on infant.
    • Sleep-related deaths- leading cause of death among infants, most between 2-4 months of age, winter months’ increase, African-American infants. increase, premature infants increase.
    • No smoking around infant or infant’s environment.
    • Bed-Sharing- hazards involved.
    • Childcare away from home requires same precautions as at home- check it out!
  • Participant to sign Cribs for Kids- Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Trainer demonstrates how to assemble Pack ‘n Play. With baby doll, the trainer demonstrates the correct sleep position (supine) the baby should be placed for sleep. Place doll on its side to show how easy they can end up in the prone position.
  • Additional safe sleep education is given at this time.
  • When infant is 3 months old/ 3 months after Safe Sleep education is given, the participant is contacted by a trainer and another questionnaire is administered over the phone. 

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