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Judge Reginald J. Routson
Administrative Judge
PH: (419) 424-7008, extension 9
FAX: (419) 424-7436

Judge Jonathan P. Starn
PH: (419) 424-7008, extension 8
FAX: (419) 424-7437

Director of Court Services/CPO

Kimberly M. Switzer
PH: (419) 424-7085
FAX: (419) 424-7878

Domestic Relations Division

Magistrate Robroy Crow
Magistrate Elizabeth A. Behrendt
PH: (419) 424-7818
FAX: (419) 424-7438


PH: 419-424-7818
Fax: 419-424-7438

Adult Probation Department

PH: (419) 424-7085
FAX: (419) 424-7878

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Public Notices

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