Hancock County Law Library

The Hancock County Law Library has been in existence since 1902. The main purpose of the Law Library is to provide a current extensive collection of legal material for the legal community, which consists of the judges, attorneys, and their staff.

Funding for the Hancock County Law Library comes from a percentage of the traffic fines collected in Hancock County. We also get a set amount from criminal and juvenile fines collected.

There is a Hancock County Law Library Resource Board which consists of five trustees and the librarian. They decide what materials and equipment are necessary for the Law Library.

The Hancock County Law Library use to be located on the third floor where Judge Routson's Courtroom is now located. On April 1, 1979, the Hancock County Law Library was officially dedicated to it's new home on the fourth floor of the Hancock County Courthouse.

There are six different rooms of the Law Library beginning with the Librarian's office directly off of the elevator. This room is known as the "TREATISE ROOM". Housed in this room are the treatise materials along with other volumes including the Ohio Law Reviews, Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, Red & Blue books for motor vehicles, medical malpractice materials, etc.

The next room working our way to the left is the "TAX ROOM". This room houses the Federal and Ohio tax laws. This room also houses four computer terminals for online legal research.

Next is the "OHIO ROOM" which houses all of the Ohio law including the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code, Ohio Legislative Service, Ohio Attorney General Opinions, and much more.

The "GOLD ROOM" is next which houses most of the United States Laws including the United States Code, U.S. Congressional Service, U.S. Supreme Court Reporter, Code of Federal Reporter, and Federal Supplement.

Finally we have the "REPORTER ROOM" which houses all the reporter series in the United States. The first series of the reporters have been converted to microfiche in order to make room for the second series which is presently on the shelves. Also in this room are volumes on the Bankruptcy Law and Negligence Law.