Prosecuting Attorney
​Phillip A. Riegle


Victims Assistant

If YOU are a victim of a crime - the law considers that a crime has been committed against the State.

The prosecutor's office is here to help you and will make every effort to ensure that victims and witnesses receive prompt notification of scheduled changes that involve their case. Whenever possible, the prosecutor and/or his staff will also provide information and notification of:

  • judicial proceedings
  • charges filed
  • defendant's pleading to the case
  • scheduled trial dates
  • changes in trial dates
  • verdict
  • right to submit a victim impact statement to the court prior to sentencing
  • method of application for up to $50,000 in Crime Victims Compensation when applicable

Victims/witnesses will be consulted with and/or informed by the prosecutor on case dispositions such as:

  • dismissal
  • release
  • negotiated plea
  • escape of defendant

As a victim/witness you have the right:

  • to be treated with courtesy and compassion
  • to be free from intimidation and harm
  • to be informed concerning the process of the criminal justice system
  • to victim compensation through the Ohio Court of Claims, where applicable
  • to preservation of property and employment
  • to timely notice of judicial proceedings and/or notice of postponements or cancellations

Remember as a victim/witness:

  • If you are threatened or intimidated in any way by the defendant, his/her family, or friends, you should contact the law enforcement office immediately!
  • You have the right to refuse if someone other than the prosecutor, his staff or the investigating police agency attempts to talk with you regarding the case. Notify the prosecutor immediately if this happens.
  • The court may order restitution, be sure and discuss this procedure with the prosecutor.