Hancock County Recorder

Types of Documents Filed or Recorded in the Recorder's Office

Deeds - Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Survivorship Deeds, Sheriff's Deeds

Mortgages - Mortgage Releases, Assumptions, Encumbrances, Assignments, Subordinations, Waivers of Priority

Certificates of Transfer - Affidavits, Easements, Leases

Certificate of Title to Registered Land - (Torrens Land)

Land Contracts

Plats - (Drawings showing location of lots and boundaries, usually of subdivided land.)

Condominiums - (Drawings of property where there is individual ownership of portions of a building and joint ownership of common elements.)

Partnerships, Power of Attorney Trusts, Miscellaneous Records

Zoning Resolutions, Maps and Amendments

Annexations, Petitions, State Centerline Surveys, Street Name Changes, Vacating of Streets and Alleys

Military Service Discharges

Financing Statements - (Filed under provisions in the Uniform Commercial Code)

Corporation Mergers, Name Changes, Cancellations

Bills of Sale

Liens - Mechanic's Liens and Notices of Commencement, Rocognize Bond Liens, Corrupt Activity and Medicaid Fraud Liens, Unemployment Compensation Liens, Workers' Compensation Liens, Federal Tax Liens, Personal Tax Liens